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Getting to Laos by Trains, Boats and Buses

To Laos by Train

Laos currently doesn't have a railway, so getting to Laos by train is not entirely possible! Trains run through Thailand to Nong Khai, on the border by the Friendship bridge near to Vientiane. There have been protracted plans to extend the rail link to the capital, but currently the last few kilometers has to be done by taxi or bus.

To Laos by Bus

There are plenty of options for bus trips to Laos via many of its land border crossings. Of course the land border with Myanmar is the exception as foriegners are not allowed to cross here. It should be noted though that buses are not always available or reliable, and many of the roads in Laos are in a bad state of repair.

To Laos by Boat

One of the most popular routes to Laos is by boat, mostly along the Mekong river. Often river travel makes up for poor road conditions! Many travellers choose to travel from Northern Thailand (Chiang Mai for instance), by bus to the dock at Huay Xai / Chiang Khong, where a slow boat can take a couple of days to meander down the Mekong to Luang Prabang. It might not be the most comfortable means of travel, but if you have the time, it is highly recommended!

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